11/11/99 - I did a small e-mail interview with Cornelius.  There is lots of great new information!  Tons of thanks to Farah at 3-D Corporation for all the help.

Also added more info to the discography section

08/18/99 - Can't see  Cornelius live?  The next best thing is to listen to him live.  Download these live mp3's that Alex (junk baby) sent me for all of you to hear:

   - Free Fall (at bowlie festival)
   - Star Fruit Surf Rider (at bowlie festival)

06/22/99 - New Tour Dates Posted - click here

06/19/99 - I'm back! ::  I just added some live pictures that i took at the Cornelius show in Chicago. more stuff coming soon... - click here

09/25/98 - to see and/or hear clips of Cornelius live in concert - click here

09/23/98 - 2 new Cornelius remix cds will be released on 11/26 in Japan. one by the name of FM and the other by the name of CM both will be in intial limited edition package.

they will contains remixes by:

09/20/98 - the "Star Fruits Surf Rider" single will be released in the UK on sept. 28. it will be a 2 part release. track listing is as follows:

CD 1
"Star Fruits" radio edit
"Star Fruits" Damon Albarn remix
"Surf Rider Blue"

CD 2
"Star Fruits" single version
"Ball In Kick Off"
"Star Fruits Green"

there will be 12" vinyl releases of both singles. however part 2 will be a promo only release. "Surf Rider Blue" and "Star Fruits Green" are the same songs that were on the japanese single release. "Ball In Kick Off" is a very cool song that is from the japanese "bend it" soccer compilation. the "Star Fruits Surf Rider" single should be released in the U.S. in one form or another in early 1999.

07/14/98 - Cornelius has been named one of the 50 most influential people in pop culture in the current issue of Ray Gun magazine.

04/06/98 - Cornelius was on MTV's "Indie Outing" in the US. to see a clip of it click here

03/31/98 -
here is a display that i put up in Vinyl Solution (the record store i work at) for the U.S. release of "Fantasma" on Matador Records:

02/01/98 - Cornelius has been signed to Matador Records in the USA. They will be releasing "Fantasma" on March 24th

if you have any news please e-mail me! i live in the U.S. so its hard to get the latest news.


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