e-mail interview by me (mike donk)
with the help of Farah at 3-D Corporation
done on 11/11/99
i'm no english major - but there is some good information.

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Lots of people have remixed your songs, what is your favorite remix?
High llamas.
Star Fruits with Damon's sexy voice is pretty good.

Are you currently working with any new artist in way of production or guest vocals?
Minekawa Takako and Beck remix

I’m sure you have collected a large amount of footage on your video camera.  Do you have any plans of releasing a video?
Planning to release a live video. A collection of lives from all over the world. This will be edited and released in Japan in 2000. Don't know about the states though. Hope people can get a hold of it there.

Have you started to work on your next album yet?
January 2000.
Tour- late 2000 and/or 2001.

It has been said that each of your CD’s have different musical influences (69/96 = Black Sabbath, Fantasma = Beach Boys).  What influences could we expect on your next CD?
It will be like a jam session between Marcos Valle and This Heat.

Do you ever play Flippers Guitar songs in concert?

What musicians would you like to work with in the future?
Bored musicians. Musicians with time on there hands.

Your Vacuum record player and Watches have sold very well.  Do you plan on coming out with any other products in the future?
Portable Home Theremin System.
Cornelius Sampler key holder.

How do you like the song about you on the new Momus CD (stars forever)?

The number one question that people e-mail me is "where can I buy a Cornelius T-shirt" I have searched everywhere with no luck.  Is there any place people can mail order Cornelius T-shirts?
We are working on it. If any stores out there anywhere would like to include, for any reason, any or all Cornelius/Trattoria/Bathing Ape goods and products, please contact Mike Donk.

For many fans outside of Japan, you are the only Japanese artist that they have heard.  Can you recommend some CDs for those who would like to hear more Japanese Music?

  • Boredoms - all
  • ooioo - drummer from boredoms turns guitarist. all female band
  • Minekawa Takako - have produced her latest album
  • Sunahara Yoshinori aka Marin - or any bungalow artists
  • Fantastic Plastic Machine - or any Emperor Norton artist

Cornelius - Top 10 albums of all time

  • Millenium : Begin
  • Monkees : Head
  • Prince : Sign of the Times
  • Velvet Underground : Velvet Underground & Nico
  • Cupid + Psyche : Scritti Poutti
  • Robert Wyatt : Nothing Can Stop Us
  • Beach Boys : Friends
  • Primal Scream : Screamadellica
  • Joao Gilberto : Joad Gilberto
  • Sly & The Family Stone : Flesh



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